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I've been on the road less traveled for nearly 60 years. With my eyes and mind open to the beauty that surrounds us, I am fascinated by what I stumble upon. Let me take you along and share the frozen moments from the road less traveled!

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, I was exposed to the wonders of the outdoors and specifically birds, by my older brother Hank Kaestner. He invested his time and money to drive my brother Peter and myself up and down the East Coast to see new birds. The obsession with birding took firm hold on my two brothers, and they have designed their lives and careers around amassing tremendous "life lists" of the birds they have seen literally all over the world. I have chosen to just marvel at the beauty and not keep score. 

I have fallen in love with photography. I started like many by shooting film of my three kids as they grew. When digital  cameras came to be, I was on it! No more film and processing. My two sons Tommy and Owen are avid surfers and I upgraded my equipment through the years to better capture the action. Now my daughter Kerry Ann is in the water ripping too!

Several years ago I turned my attention to the birds I learned to appreciate as a boy and the great outdoors in general.  I have the most precious gift of all at this point in my life...TIME. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. I also have an occupation that has taken me throughout the Caribbean and coast to coast here in the USA. As a contract sales professional, I am not on the clock and do not have to report to an office daily. I fully appreciate the gift I have been given and I am trying my best not to squander it. I use my abundant time to commune with nature and the ocean waves to capture the beauty and action with my Canon 70D camera.

If you see an image on my website that touches you and takes you away with it, have a print or wall hanging made on this super easy to use e-commerce site. Adorn your surroundings with beauty as seen through my eyes and share this wonderful world with me. Please share this site with your friends and family. If you do so, and the site is successful, I promise to hit the road less traveled harder and explore more of the world in search of inspiration and beauty and I'll bring it all home to you! I'd love to hear from you. Email me comments, feedback and impressions of the site. I'm wide open for suggestions and a little praise in nice too!

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